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DAVAL is a company concerned with researching, developing and promoting modern day products to satisfy age old problems in the health sector. We are based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK.

Two things to remember about Nevasic: 1. It’s clinically proven to work  2. It’s Drug Free

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Daval is…

the developer and manufacturer of an audio programme which stabilises the balance receptors in the inner ear in order to provide relief from nausea and sickness.

Relief for a variety of causes and conditions

Sufferers of Abdominal Migraine, Travel Sickness, Ménière’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Labyrinthitis, Migraine, Vertigo and even Radio and Chemotherapy treatment have used our product and reported benefits from reduced and even total relief from their symptoms. In a surprising and growing number of instances these reports are being passed to us from medical professionals in a variety of fields.

Researched and Studied

DAVAL products have been under study with the Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust – within their NHS Birth Centre at Andover. This study is produced outstanding results in stopping sickness known as “Morning Sickness” in pregnancy.
A full clinical trial has been completed with this product by the MRC Spatial Disorientation Group, Imperial College School of Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Looking to the future

DAVAL products were put to a short pilot study at University College London (Carousel Ward and Teenage Cancer Trust Unit) and the Kent and Canterbury Hospital – within their Oncology wards where our product was supplied to Cancer patients after Radio and Chemotherapy treatment.
Indications were of a very positive nature and DAVAL welcomes the opportunity for further clinical trials.

We provide this site as a tool for telling the world about Nevasic. This site is not designed to be “the world’s repository” for medical information about the topic/s of nausea and vomiting in general.

Every day - everywhere in the world these & more are making people feel nauseous or sick . You too?

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Dedicated to helping you keep control over symptoms

Nevasic is currently available for suitable Apple and Android devices and we’ll be bringing you a Windows Mobile version soon!

Nevasic has been helping people get on with their lives all over the world for the last 16 years.


Originally brought out as an audio tape under the brand name TravelWell® it was and endorsed for two years by Ellen MacArthur (even though Ellen does not suffer).

Since then it has gone through the CD stage and is now available as an app called “Nevasic”.

MorningWell® was a branded name version marketed for those suffering pregnancy sickness and distributed in the UK by the nct-logo-for-A4-size-green- (the National Childbirth Trust) for the last 12 years and also features their logo on the product casing.

MorningWell CD Pack Shot

We feel exceptionally honoured to have been accepted by the nct and for having gained their approval to add their logo to the product.

Even back when Richard and Judy were the pic of TV viewing – we featured with Doctor Chris SteeleTV Appearance on Richard & Judy

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As seen in..

Why Nevasic?

  • Independently Clinically Trialled
  • NHSlogo Researched and tested and proven for pregnancy sickness
  • Drug Free
  • Easy to administer
  • Ideal for anyone at any age
  • Highly portable
  • Purchase once – last a lifetime
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We have thousands of users world wide, here’s what some say!

We love our users, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you buy Avada, you won’t ever have to worry about customer support!

I was not sick at all in Kuala Lumpur or Thailand or France – on the ferry in a Force 8 – but was when I forgot to take the machine and programme – in a taxi!! So it appears to work – my ears are a bit funny from having it in though – must be the shape of them!!!
Mrs. Wendy Turner - Isle Of White
From the day I started using the product I stopped being sick. Up to this point I was being sick up to five times a day throughout the day. While using the product I did still feel sick most of the time but it stopped me actually vomiting. On some days the tape had more effect than on other days, but overall I found the product extremely effective and it was a great relief to find something that actually worked having already tried acupuncture and seasickness bands. I would certainly recommend it.
Julie Kitson
I have tried the programme on my son, for whom I got it, and it looked like it worked.
I also took a friend out fishing, who got a little “woozy” even though he had taken some Dramamine.
I gave him the programme to listen to and he got over it.
I was very sceptical about the programme and tried it only because nothing else had worked for my son.
I am still not sure why it seems to work but apparently it does, at least for the two people I tried it on.
I am very pleased with the results so far and I will definitely recommend your product.
Best regards,
Peter Ohlendorf
Peter Ohlendorf - New York
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